5 reasons your garden needs a custom made studio in 2022

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2022 is the year for a custom made studio in your garden

Many of us will have become well acquainted with our gardens since the pandemic started. Whether you are landscaping, adding features, growing your own vegetables or simply spending time taking in the colours, we know our gardens well. So why not add some clever space to increase your gardens abilities in 2022?

This month, Handmade Hideaways look at the top 5 reasons why you need a custom made studio in your garden this year.

Custom made studios are completely flexible for your garden

Additional living space so you can spread out your home

It’s no secret that most of us wish for just a little bit more space in our homes. At least once a week we imagine what we would do with an extra room or corridor. Having a custom made studio in your garden could answer a lot of your wishes. Whether you are looking for space for a playroom, a home office or a play to entertain friends at the weekend, a custom made studio is a flexible space that works for you.

The best part about having the extra space in your garden is that it is completely customisable to your wants and needs. From huge splashes of colour and quirky lines to a clean and minimalist feel, this garden room is your creative oyster!

Custom made studios make the perfect quiet retreat when you need it

Sometimes, we just need 5 minutes to ourselves. Whether we need to gather our thoughts, read a good book or scrawl through social media in the peace and tranquillity of our surroundings. It’s natural to want some peace and quiet but many of us don’t have the room to find this. So why not use your custom made studio?

Create the perfect retreat that you can go to after a difficult day. A place that is full of your favourite things and decorations that make you instantly relax as soon as you step through the doors. Custom made studios can be full of light from your chosen windows, giving you a perfect view of your garden. This is great for your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Relax in your comfy chair for as long as you need to and take in the surroundings of your custom made studio.

Working from home is the new norm in 2022

We all know by now that the world of work is changing and for so many of us, that means we no longer have that commuting time, opting for a home office instead. Unfortunately, the pandemic thrust us into the home working and so many of us ended up working from our kitchen tables or bedrooms. Fast forward two years and it would appear that home working is set to stay for many reasons. Now may be the time to consider having a dedicated office space where you can store your items and concentrate throughout the day rather than looking at everything else you have to do around the home.

A custom made studio is the perfect option if you are looking for a home office but don’t have the space in your home. You will still feel like you are going to work rather than to the kitchen and at the end of the day, just lock up your doors and walk away from work as you would have done previously.

Your custom made studio could be the perfect home gym

Many of us will have said ‘New year, new me’ at some point this month. With aspirations to get fit or lose some holiday weight, January is the month where most gym memberships are signed – around 12%. Unfortunately, 50% of those who signed up in January will leave before June of the same year. Gym memberships can be expensive and many of us don’t relish the thought of attending the gym after a long day at work. A great alternative is to have a mini gym in the comfort of your own back garden.

Choose the machines you want to work with, set up your surround sound and TV (watch what you want to watch!) It doesn’t take much to get your personal gym up and running. We can guarantee you are also more likely to use it as you will feel less self-conscious and let’s face it, it takes less energy and planning to get there!

Host a garden party like never before with your custom made studio

The UK has spent so long neglecting their social life. Not seeing family or friends has taken its toll on our mental health and lives in general. If you are planning to build your social life back to pre-pandemic times in 2022, a custom made studio could help you with this. Hosting a garden party in the summer where people can spill out into your garden, congregate to catch up on everything they have missed out on and munch through the perfect buffet meal sounds great, but with the track record of English weather (particularly at the moment) you just can guarantee your food and drinks won’t be ruined.

Your custom made studio could be the perfect place to store food and drinks and if that weather doesn’t hold out, everyone can run for cover quickly! Custom made studios are incredibly versatile so they lend themselves perfectly to hosting your party come rain or shine!

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Handmade Hideaways are your bespoke builders of custom made studios

At Handmade Hideaways, our passion is creating bespoke masterpieces that our clients are able to enjoy in a variety of ways for years to come. Our team of carpenters understand the importance of designing and creating a space that can be as versatile and flexible as you need it to be.

If you are looking for a custom made studio, why not take a look at our gallery page to see just a few of our projects or get in contact to book a discussion with a member of the team. We look forward to working on your project with you soon.

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