The historical roots of treehouses

A treehouse has a magical way of bringing family and friends together, whether young or old. Treehouses can make all feel like a child again, bringing back memories of climbing trees, hiding in the bushes and letting our imaginations run wild!

It is thought that treehouses have been a part of civilisation since the first century AD. Used as a way to escape dangers on the ground, mainly flooding and predators, treehouses were originally a simple platform in the recesses of trees that would provide its owners both shelter and safety. Entrance and exit to the treehouse would be through a system of pulleys; ladders were not introduced until much later on. Treehouses can also be evidenced as part of Egyptian history to learn and navigate the stars and astronomy.

The seventeenth-century first saw the rise in treehouse use as a means of pleasure rather than safety. Those of very wealthy backgrounds turned the treehouse into something of luxury and opulence – a statement in a florentine garden. A trip to a treehouse was considered a perfect way to spend one’s time, and in Plessy Robinson, Paris, a restaurant had a treehouse dining room, with food delivered by pulleys.

A modern take on a custom treehouse

As the popularity of the treehouse grew, it became a more widely accessible feature, with many in Europe and the United States opting for one in their back gardens. Alongside treehouse popularity, many saw a rise in the knowledge and understanding of sustainable living.

The idea of a treehouse today is a far reach from the safety platforms they originated from. These spaces are a fantastic opportunity to add an element of interest to your garden while also being functional.

Treehouses are all about the freedom to make your design. They can be anywhere you want them to be, at any height, and thanks to developments in recent years, treehouses are now being built with luxurious interiors and stunning modern designs.

When you imagine a treehouse, you may picture it perched high up in a tree. However, treehouses aren’t always found in the canopy of trees; some can be found nestled in beautiful gardens and used as play areas for children, garden offices or spaces to sit and unwind.

Bespoke garden offices

Why bespoke garden offices are more popular than ever

It’s one thing to have a building in your garden. It’s another thing to utilise every square inch of that building and make it unique and exciting. Or, you can have your own bespoke garden office in the trees: a treehouse.

Since we started working from home in 2020, many have realised that it is possible to complete their jobs well even if they are not in the main office. With limited space in most houses, we have had to be creative about where we work at home, and the garden seems like the suitable place to start and finish our working day.

A garden office is one of the most personal ways to enhance the appeal of your home. The right kind of office can make it the most beautiful and essential part of your house. It doesn’t have to be a dull looking construction. An office in your garden can be a stylish and functional solution for many aspects of modern life.

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Consider having your own bespoke garden office in the trees

There is nothing like the feeling of a treehouse; it is an escape from reality where you can switch off and be on your own. Treehouses are popular today with families who wish to create something unique in their garden; whether you are building one for your children or creating one as a peaceful hideaway, they provide a sense of tranquillity unlike any other.

Tranquillity is a must when you concentrate on your work, which is why having a bespoke garden building could transform your workspace and offer you the perfect garden.

Authenticity, quality and beauty are the core of everything we do at Handmade Hideaways. We believe that our natural garden offices not only look fantastic but provide the perfect environment in which to work and relax.

Handmade Hideaways can transform your garden with beautiful handcrafted creations

Handmade hideaways were born from a creative desire to construct bespoke, beautiful garden buildings and creations for all to enjoy. As a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, Owner Evan takes complete pride in designing and creating something unique to you and what you are looking for. Using reclaimed timber to support low environmental impact, every project is designed by the expert team, offering you the complete service to get your dream garden. Get in touch with Evan at Handmade Hideaways today.