Every year, thousands of people flocked to see unusual plants and innovative garden design (including bespoke tree houses) at The Chelsea Flower Show. This year’s exhibits included a garden that was co-designed by the Duchess of Cambridge. Teaming up with Davies White, the centrepiece of Kate Middleton’s design was an impressive treehouse.

For this grand structure, the treehouse builders had erected a large oak platform onto the broad trunk of a chestnut tree. The platform was surrounded by an organic hazel and larch surround, which evoked a nest-like quality. A sturdy, rustic timber ladder led up to the treehouse, whilst a rope swing hung below the platform.

In interviews at the Chelsea Flower Show, Kate Middleton commented on the importance of encouraging children to play and spend time outdoors. She said that her stylish treehouse for kids aimed to inspire adventure and activity. This was essential in the development of healthy and happy adults.

Whilst Kate Middleton focused on a kids tree house aimed to inspire play, why should children have all the fun? As bespoke treehouse builders, we love making delightful spaces for adults to relax, work and socialise in, too.

Top 10 Features to Add to your Garden Tree House

Whilst bridges, fairy doors, slides and a pirate ship wheel can spark excitement and active fun in kids bespoke tree houses, a few extra details could ensure that the tree house can be enjoyed by all the family.

For all projects, our team discuss ideas, use our experience to advise and get excited about the finer details that go into the building of custom tree houses. Below are some suggestions for adult-friendly tree house features from our treehouse building team.

Bespoke Tree Houses

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Structural Arch, Window or Detailing to Frame the View from your Tree

One of the advantages of an elevated platform is the unique view it presents. With careful design, a tree house can make the most of the aspect and provide a secluded spot to watch the sunset.

A Built-in Bar

If you are the perfect host, a larger tree house, with a built-in bar could provide a unique social space. Including novelty features can really add your personality to the treehouse design, but I’m afraid we don’t provide the bottles!

Wooden Seating

To make the best use of the bespoke tree house, it needs to be easy to pop up there. How about bench seating around the perimeter of the treehouse platform or a grand carved throne incorporated into the design? These allow you to get comfy without the logistical challenge of lugging garden furniture up a ladder.

Adding Reclaimed Features

Bespoke treehouses are all about creating spaces and structures that reflect your personality. When tree house building, we delight in using reclaimed windows, doors, roof tiles, ship’s masts or other features which add to the character and story of your design.

Tree House Insulation

Keeping the interior warm and quiet may not be your first thought, however, we have built bespoke treehouse studios that provide a creative space for painting, writing, rehearsing or composing. If your intention is to have a studio for work or hobbies, you may want to be in there all year round. In our experience, insulation can make all the difference.

Space-saving Furniture

Designing for small interiors demands greater consideration of the layout. To make the most of the space and ensure it is adaptable, our team can include space-saving furniture. How about build drop-down tables that clip up on the wall when not in use, or high shelving, that provides storage without impacting on the available floor space?

Lighting the Way

Whether your treehouse is going to serve as a working studio, a social space or a relaxing haven, lighting is an important consideration. If an electrical supply is tricky, solar lighting can be highly effective. It offers an energy-saving way of bringing light to your hideaway and there are plenty of different options available.

Physical Challenges to Access the Tree House

A popular feature of bespoke tree houses for kids is play equipment. If you still enjoy a physical challenge, the inclusion of ropes or a climbing wall can provide an alternative means of accessing the treehouse form the garden. It could be an idea to add a ladder too, just in case you want an easier day!

Bird Feeders and Hanging Baskets

One of the attractions of a treehouse is the idea of getting closer to nature. If you enjoy quietly observing or photographing the local wildlife, a few hooks to hang bird feeders or hanging baskets full of scented plants could encourage closer encounters with birds, insects and mammals.

Keep it Simple – The Open Plan Tree House

In some cases, the treehouse design may be intentionally simple. As an accessible open, fenced deck, we have built robust, elevated structures that can be adapted. With this blank canvas, it is possible to tailor the space with rugs, beanbags or toys, to best suit the occasion.

Bespoke Treehouse Specialists

Whether you are looking for tree house building companies to come up with beautiful, bespoke designs for adults, treehouses for kids or other related projects, Handmade Hideaways have a professional team with design, planning, construction and site management skills. All projects are built to exacting standards and consideration to optimising safety and minimising environmental impact.

How much do treehouses cost?

As each bespoke treehouse is designed to your requirements and to fit your plot, we have no standard pricing. We will undertake a site visit, discuss ideas in detail and provide you with a quote. Why not get in touch with Evan to start making the vision a reality on 07786 070318.