Garden buildings are usually available in two options, bespoke or pre-made. Bespoke means you custom design your building without prefabricated parts, which means you get precisely what you want. Pre-built garden buildings may be a cheaper option but will limit your design options and are not unique. This blog will give you an introduction to both choices and help you to decide on which type of building would suit your garden and lifestyle better.

An Introduction to garden buildings and their growing popularity

As the weather grows warmer and more people are choosing to work from home, its’ never been a better time to consider your current garden and the prospect of introducing a garden building to add dynamic and have a beautiful place to retreat to.

Garden buildings are growing more popular due to their natural beauty, versatility and ability to adapt to your circumstances. Whether you need a place to work from during the day, a studio to create your masterpiece or a place to relax with a book and your favourite tipple, garden buildings can be a unique area to use for whatever you require.

Suppose you have decided to look into the idea of a garden building and how this could work for you. In that case, we are sure you have considered the thought of choosing a bespoke building, built to your exact specification, or a pre-built building that would fit into your pre-existing space. So how do you make the decision about which one is right for you, and where do you start looking? This blog will compare the two options to assist you in making the best decision for you.

Bespoke Garden buildings for your home

If you are looking for a beautiful retreat in your back garden where you can work and play, having a bespoke garden building could be the ultimate choice for you. Custom made to your exact requirements, deciding to go bespoke means that you not only get something unique, but a building that fits into all kinds of gardens seamlessly, meaning you don’t have to move things around (unless you want to!)

A bespoke garden building is energy efficient and has a lower environmental impact due to its creation technique and the quality timber and insulation materials. Having a bespoke design offers you additional space to fully utilise a designed space because you require something specific such as a studio or office space.

Garden studios are increasingly popular, not only because of the ease of access but because of the tranquil setting they provide, leaving you with additional space and a place for your inspiration to flourish. With built-in locks and a range of quality materials, your dream garden building is a win-win situation.

Pre-built Garden buildings

Walk into any DIY or garden store, and you will be sure to find a section of pre-built garden buildings and large garden sheds ready-made for you to look at and even walkthrough. With a wide range of choices available, including optional add ons and quick delivery, we can see the appeal of choosing something that has already been designed and built for you.

Pre-built garden buildings will have a large scale price range, with the smallest and cheapest generally starting at around £200.00 for an inexpensive shed and the most expensive weighing in at upwards of £4000.00. With competitive pricing, pre-built garden buildings are often the first choice that a buyer will make when upgrading their gardens; however, the extra costs are something to consider. Many of these ready-made options are a simple one-size-fits-all structure, but to make it your own, you will have to add extra features such as felt roofing to protect your building, a window to bring in natural light, locks on the doors, flooring and wall fittings. Essentially, when you purchase a pre-built garden building, you buy a shell, and the extra costs can soon rack up.

Another benefit of choosing a pre-built garden building is the offer of quick delivery. You don’t have to wait too long for something that is already made and ready to go. Fast delivery does not necessarily mean you can use it straight away; however, as often, your building will come flat packed and require a pair of strong hands to put together.

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Bespoke Vs pre-built – a comparison

Built to last Quality materials High quality internally Quick Delivery Custom made Low environmental impact Cost
Bespoke Garden Building Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes ££-£££
Pre-Built Garden Building No No No Yes No No £-£££

The table above shows a simple yes/no comparison of trying to decide between either bespoke or pre-built garden building. However, we know it’s not always that straightforward when trying to find your garden escape.

If you are looking for a simple, quick fix for garden storage for your seasonal items, a place you don’t plan to spend a great deal of time in, then we suggest a pre-built building may be the better option for you. However, suppose you are searching for a handcrafted space with endless possibilities that you want to spend time in, relaxing, catching up with friends or completing your work. In that case, there is no better choice than a bespoke garden building created Handmade Hideaways.

Handmade hideaways  – the bespoke solution for your garden building

Handmade hideaways have offered a bespoke service to their clients for the last five years and bring many more years of knowledge, expertise and quality customer service into their business.

Offering a complete service from design to delivery, Handmade Hideaways are the choice for endless possibilities and uniqueness for your home.

If you want a custom-built, beautiful getaway in your back garden, Handmade Hideaways are the option for you. Please get in contact through the website or call Evan on 07786 070318 to see how they can transform your garden and offer you the perfect solution.