Give your feature garden a glow-up ready for the summer

Last year we saw incredible temperatures reach above 40 degrees during the summer, so whilst you are looking at your wet and rainy windows, don’t forget that those temperatures are likely to reappear this year! With this in mind, now is the time to start thinking about your outdoor space and how it can work for you during 2023. Whilst gardens are traditionally a relaxing place, they also offer a very practical space where we can support the local wildlife, grow our own greens and host fantastic parties and gatherings.

To welcome in 2023, Handmade Hideaways give you the latest tips, tricks and trends to create a feature garden you can be proud of (and utilise) throughout this year!

Garden trends you will see appearing in 2023

Whilst some feature garden trends will always stay in style – beautifully cut lawns, rows of carefully trimmed trees to offer privacy and a space that we can enjoy with family and friends – many of us are looking at ways to improve our landscapes and try something a little different and daring. During the pandemic, we spent a lot of time at home and in our gardens, which created a huge interest for many in gardening and outdoor living. Now that we have returned to the workplace, our gardens are less about a space to get some fresh air and exercise and more about an area that we can personalise and bring to life.

Homegrown gardening

It’s no secret that this year is going to be a difficult one for the economy. With this in mind, a lot of us are turning to homegrown fruits and vegetables that will help us to save on the food shop and still give our families a great diet throughout the year. Choosing a small area of your garden that is easy to reach and maintain will give you a great starting point for a miniature vegetable patch. Choose easy-to-care-for fruits and veggies to get you started on your homegrown journey!

Getting waterwise in the garden

During 2022, we saw unprecedented hot weather that definitely left its mark on our gardens and surrounding landscapes. Whilst many of us may have enjoyed the summer sun, our green areas and wildlife struggled to find water to drink, let alone bathe in. As temperatures are only set to increase, we expect to see plant choices and water schedules adapt to reflect the summer sun. Choosing plants that require less water, placing water butts in your garden and having somewhere birds and other wildlife can retreat to get that much-needed sustenance will be a big goal this year.

Wildlife inclusion

Following on from our wildlife considerations, sustainable gardens will be a big thing for 2023. Using areas of your garden to plant wildflowers and let nature take its course will give you an opportunity to invite insects into your garden that will help to pollinate your space and give them the tools they need to survive another year. Get creative with your wildflowers and dedicate a section of your garden to planting, or place these throughout your space in those hard-to-reach places and watch as they come alive!

Feature garden retreats

Now that our gardens have supported us through the pandemic, it’s time to turn them back into the relaxing space they once were. What could be better than including a bespoke garden retreat where you can go to whether you need some space, want to get some work done or are looking to get a bit of shelter during the summer sun? The best advantage of a bespoke garden building is that it can be completely customised to work for you and your needs, no matter what you are looking to achieve.

Don’t forget a feature garden retreat where you can relax

Gardens and outdoor spaces are a great support to our mental health – as we have found out in the last couple of years – so it makes sense to invest in your outdoor space so you can have a place to retreat to when you need it most. One of the best ways you can take advantage of your feature garden is to consider a bespoke garden building that can be used all year round.

Think about what you use your garden for most. Do you mainly use it for socialising? Is it a space where you can tend to your beautiful plants and flowers? If you are struggling to find a use for your outdoor space, why not consider using your bespoke garden building as an extension to your home? A garden office, a reading room or an exercise space are all great uses for your bespoke garden building, and Handmade Hideaways can help you build the feature garden retreat of your dreams!

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Handmade Hideaways can help you with your feature garden

2023 is the time to get back to nature, spend some time in your outdoor space and tend to the plants that crop up in your garden. By creating a garden that offers rest, meditation and relaxation, you can maximise your time in nature and reap the benefits your feature garden will bring.

If you are looking for a beautiful bespoke addition to your back garden in 2023, get in touch with Handmade Hideaways and book a consultation to discuss what you are looking for and what we can help you achieve for your feature garden retreat before the summer!