Do I need planning permission for a custom-made treehouse?

This question will very much depend on the type of custom-made treehouse you are going to have designed and built. In general, most treehouses will need some form of planning permission due to the nature of their build. They are often high up in the trees, meaning you could be impacting your neighbour’s privacy. You may also have to provide drawings to confirm where your treehouse will be and if you are using the support of your neighbour’s trees. The Handmade Hideaways team will be able to work through this with you during your design stages.

How long do treehouses last?

If you have a custom-made treehouse designed and built for you, one of the benefits is a strong and quality build. Your professionally built treehouse should last you between 10-25 years, as long as you complete regular maintenance, including wood treating and roof protection. Your Handmade Hideaways team will explain everything you need to know to protect your treehouse after we are gone.

Do I need a tree to build a custom-made treehouse?

This is an age-old question – indeed, to have a treehouse, you need a tree, right? The giveaway is in the name. But, this is not the case! You don’t actually need a tree to have a beautiful custom-made treehouse. As long as you have a sturdy support base that can substitute the weight of your treehouse, it’s entirely possible. The support structure will need to be buried deep and be adequate to withstand adverse weather as well as the weight of the treehouse, any furniture inside and, of course, people.

I have a design in mind – can you work with this?

We love incorporating our client’s designs into our custom-made treehouse projects. Tell us all about your design ideas and inspiration, whether you have dreamed of having a treehouse since you were a child or you want to create something unique that can be used commercially. We design our projects from scratch so we can tick each of your boxes. Don’t have a design in mind? That’s also not a problem. Our team will work with you to create the perfect space.

What factors affect the prices of custom-made treehouses?

Unfortunately, the most significant factor in pricing is timber – which is, of course, the primary material we use to design and build our custom-made treehouses. In 2021, after a timber shortage, we saw prices rise dramatically, which affected our treehouse quotes. Although the timber shortage appears to be over, we are still seeing high timber prices across the UK.

Do you offer a treehouse design service?

Designing custom-made treehouses are something we pride ourselves in. We believe that each of our clients is unique and requires something different from their treehouse, so that’s what we offer in our design service. Our teams do not work with a blueprint template, so every treehouse we design is started from scratch, incorporating our client’s needs and wishes.

If you have ideas about how you would like your treehouse to look – great! Show us everything that has given you some inspiration, whether from magazines, a friend’s treehouse or simply something you have seen online. We will be able to advise you if your inspiration is feasible and will get to work on creating the perfect space.

Can you install electricity in my custom-made treehouse?

One of the many benefits of having a custom-made treehouse designed and built is that the world really is your oyster when it comes to specifications and designs. If you want to install electricity or plumbing, so your treehouse becomes a self-contained space, we can support you with this.

What types of treehouses do you build?

Our friendly team has worked on a considerable number of treehouses during our time in the industry. Whether you are looking for a simple treehouse in your back garden where your children can lay safely, or you need a commercial treehouse for your hotel or restaurant location. Handmade Hideaways can support you with your project.

How secure will my custom-made treehouse be?

In terms of how secure it will be if it is elevated, your treehouse will meet all the standards required to ensure it is safe and secure for long-term use. Our team is incredibly experienced and understands the complexities of keeping your treehouse safe, not just when we are building it but when you are using it.

To keep your treehouse safe from intruders when it’s not in use, we recommend installing a lock on the door and keeping your windows (if you have any) shut and locked. We can advise our individual clients on the best way to secure your custom-made treehouse during the design and build stages.

How long will it take to build my custom-made treehouse?

The time it takes to design and build your custom-made treehouse will all depend on the design we are working from, the size of your treehouse and if you would like any additional modifications, for example, electricity and plumbing. Once you have started working with our trusted team, we will keep you up to date with the project, and we can give you a rough estimation of how to long it will take until you can start using your treehouse.

“A tree-house is still one of the best things you could possibly have. It’s worth the effort, the sweat, the cost, and even the blood if whoever builds it is careless with power tools. It is a thing of beauty. It really should have a skull and crossbones on it somewhere, as well”. -Conn & Hal Iggulden – the Dangerous Book for Boys.