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The humble garden office shed is a common feature in gardens across the UK. Whilst many simply provide storage, these timber buildings can sometimes surprise. With a little imagination, these small spaces can be a showcase of creativity.

As a small space, separate from the house, there is scope to be adventurous. You can go to town with colour, design, theme or use. From a garden office shed to summer houses, home pubs to a place to fulfil your passions, anything is possible.

Shed of the Year Awards

If you want to see examples of weird and wonderful garden buildings, the Cuprinol Shed of the Year Awards is a great place to start. 2020 will mark the 14th year of this British competition. It includes entries in six categories:

  •  Pub/Entertainment
  • Unexpected
  • Workshop/Studio
  • Budget
  • Unique
  • Nature’s Haven

Within each category is a diverse range of interpretations. Some entries have used or adapted a standard garden shed design to make it their own. A few have used other core structures, such as a boat wheelhouse or old vehicles. Others have completely designed and built their garden building from scratch.

The range of garden rooms include themed creations such as a Wild West Saloon, Space Shed and Vintage Tea Room.

Handmade Hideaways are passionate about upcycling timbers and it is great to see that many of the entries are made from or include recycled materials. In our mind, these really add character to the design. Whether part of the core construction or central to the interior design, we believe that the use of pre-owned materials adds real character to the garden buildings.

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Winning Garden Shed Designs

Winners are announced in each category of the Cuprinol Shed of the Year Awards, but there is an overall winner each year. Last year, Bux End was recognised as the best design. Inspired by Lord of the Rings, this garden building resembled a hobbit house. The sloping design and incorporation of a green roof with meadow planting embed this design into the garden landscape.

Looking back to 2016, the winning design was a stylish timber and glass curving structure. This contemporary concept was quite different from the common vision of a shed. With double glazing and a high-quality finish, it is an architectural delight. What elevated it to award-winning levels was the fact that it rotated. The position of the building could be moved to track the sun. What a glorious idea!

What Does Your Dream Shed Look Like?

So, if you could design the shed of your dreams, what would it look like and how would it be used?

Do you love the idea of a sanctuary where you can relax or a social space to invite friends? Would you like a fully insulated workshop to indulge your hobbies throughout the year? Could you create a themed playroom for the children, with activities inside and out? Are small garden offices better suited to your requirements to work from home? Would you love a garden log cabin from which to observe nature?

If you have the vision but lack the design experience and joinery skills, Chesham based Handmade Hideaways can make your dreams of a garden studio shed a reality.

Enlist the Skills of a Master Craftsman

Evan Hamilton-Pike, MD of Handmade Hideaways is equipped to assist at every stage of the process. He is a Master Craftsman with creative vision, a passion for timber and site management experience. He will meet with you on-site to discuss your ideas and answer any questions that you may have. He will explore the best location for your bespoke wooden garden building, based on making the best use of natural light and views.

A bold design statement or a hidden gem, any type of timber building is possible.

With plans for your design and a quote, Evan will organise the appropriate people, equipment and schedule for an efficient, quality build. If decking and other hard landscaping are part of the vision, he will undertake your brief to the highest standards of finish. Exterior landscaping can help to blend interior and exterior spaces. This expands the available space and encourages time spent in the open air.

Should you wish to add reclaimed timbers, windows or other features, or want to add play equipment into the mix, let Evan know. With experience in building treehouses and designing public parks, he is experienced in how to add safe and structurally sound details in fun ways. With Handmade Hideaways on your side, anything is possible.

For further information or to arrange a site visit, please call Evan on 07786 070318 or email: [email protected]

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