If you had a private sanctuary; an English summer house, office or studio to pursue your hobbies, what form would it take? How would you decorate the interior to create the ideal space? Would you like windows overlooking the outdoor space or would your garden cabin have a view of the sky? Now I have got you thinking!

Many of us have grown tired of the same four walls and want to branch out. The usual places that we head for a change of scenery, for work, socialising and to pursue interests remain closed. Even when the doors reopen, there has been a shift in thinking. It may be some time before we feel comfortable among groups of people.

One solution, which has grown in popularity in the last 12-months is to install a pod. Although they can be formed from disused shipping containers and pre-loved caravans, these are typically a timber structure.

What are the options for building a Garden Room?

Self-build Garden Rooms 

With time on your hands and the desire for a project, you may be keen to self-build a garden room. If you are new to construction, self-assembly models may help to make this more achievable. We advise that you research what is required to avoid the need for planning permission. It is also important to consider structural integrity, insulation, power supplies and weatherproofing.

Off-the-shelf Building

For a quick solution, pre-made models are available on the market. Much like picking a shed, you select the best fit, arrange for the foundations to be prepared and the prefabricated building is delivered and assembled.

Bespoke Garden Retreats

If the vision that you have in your head is not matched by any off-the-shelf summer houses, bespoke garden buildings are the solution. Employing the services of professional garden house designers and skilled craftsmen allows you freedom over shape and styles of the build.

Bespoke structures will be created to fully optimise the space, sources of natural light and the view. Specific materials can be incorporated into the building, such as reclaimed doors and windows, or timber shingle roof options, which can add character.

The layout of the building can be styled to perfectly fit your intentions for a workshop, gym, yoga studio, office, games room or play space. You might even include solar panels, rainwater harvesting or living walls full of plants for a truly eco-pod.

An Office for the New Business

The challenges that we have faced over the last year have been tough. For some people, the situation has provided an opportunity to branch out and improve their quality of life. A lengthy daily commute is draining, but working from home may provide time to pursue other interests. If this is a permanent shift, do you need a workspace or room for those new hobbies?

Maybe furlough has encouraged you to pursue the dream of being your own boss. Record numbers of people have launched start-up businesses over the last 12 months. Many have focused on e-commerce and a home office could provide plenty of space to pick and pack stock. It could be more affordable than renting a commercial workspace. If this is your plan, good insulation will help to protect products and remember to make security a priority.

Garden rooms


Enjoying the Great Outdoors from the Comfort of your Garden

Lockdown has made us appreciative of our private gardens. A garden pod, with outside decking for your garden furniture, so you can make the most of the summer weather and warm evenings.

It may seem that adding a summerhouse to your garden will limit the outdoor space. However, good landscaping can make the garden appear bigger. It is also likely to increase the time you spend outside. Load your chairs with cushions and relax to the sound of bird song, read a good book or chat with a great friend.

Double Use, Single Space Studio

You will have your own ideas on how to use a garden hideout, but other family members may also have plans. With the right design and structure, one building could accommodate two distinct uses; a games room and an artist studio?

Home schooling has highlighted the need for children to be able to burn off steam. With this in mind, there is the possibility that play equipment, such as climbing ropes and slides, can be attached to a bespoke build.

Practical considerations are another option. From bikes or bins to air source heat pumps, a designated storage area can help you optimise use.

Bespoke Garden Hideouts

Buckinghamshire-based Handmade Hideaways is managed by Master Craftsman, Evan Hamilton-Pike. He combines traditional joinery skills, with building design and project management expertise to construct dream outbuildings. Rather than off-the-shelf, custom garden structures are made to the customer’s specification of materials and finishes.

Tailored to your requirements and usually crafted from wood, Evan and the team create unique, sustainable and modern garden cabins.

For further information, or to arrange a site visit, please contact Evan on 07786 070318.

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