In March, the threat of Covid-19 forced many of us into our first experience of working from home. With little time to plan, a day in the office was replaced by home office working. Any change to our situation can be difficult to compute, so it is understandable if the first few days were a challenge.

One of the primary courses of action was to create a home office. Few of us have a spare room, kitted out as the ideal workspace. In many cases, the kitchen table was transformed into a desk after the breakfast dishes were cleared away.

The kitchen table can work as a temporary measure. It is, however, hard to crack on without disruption, clutter and the constant temptation of raiding the fridge!

The Joys of Home Working

A few weeks into self-isolation and many of us have found ourselves adapting to the new routine. Companies have realised that technology has enabled staff to work remotely. Employees have found ways to make it work. Both have seen the benefits of working with greater flexibility.

Returning to Normal

How do you feel about getting back onto a packed Metropolitan Line tube or sitting in traffic jams for a lengthy journey to work? Does the thought of returning to normal fill you with relief or dread? Sometimes, an experience like this allows us to evaluate our situation. Could it be that working from home, at least for part of the week, could become the new normal?

If this is an option that you are exploring, you are going to need the right set up. This means a dedicated home office.

10 Benefits of Home Offices

A Separate Home Office Enables you to Control your Work Environment

Nothing makes you appreciate having your own space as much as being in close proximity with every member of your household for an extended period. Have you found the children playing games on your laptop? Have had to clear everything away before each mealtime? Does the dog bark during conference calls? Such situations will leave you yearning for a dedicated workspace.

If you have a spare room, great. If not, you might have considered a garden office. These offer the opportunity to make homeworking a viable option.

You can Create your Ideal Work Space in a Garden Office

A garden office can be up to 30 square meters in size before planning permission is required. This would provide plenty of space for an office desk and/or workbench, along with a chair and storage. With suitable insulation and security, home working is possible.

If you opt for a bespoke garden building, it is possible to make the most of available space. Bespoke garden buildings also offer the scope to create the perfect interior layout for your requirements. Shelving, worktops and other custom furniture could even be incorporated into the garden office design.

A Garden Office Provides the Chance to Optimise Natural Light

Any garden office design should consider the natural light on offer in your garden. Our eyes work best in natural light and it is believed to have a positive impact on our general well-being. On warm, bright days, there may be no need to use electricity, as the sun will keep your space illuminated and heated. An open door or window can also supply natural ventilation.

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It helps you to Achieve a Work/Life Balance

A garden office may only be a few steps out of the back door, but this distinction between home and work is important. Leave home life behind as you step into your office and end your working day when you depart. This split helps you to achieve a work/life balance.

You can Avoid Unwanted Interruptions

In every profession, there is a need to give your full focus to your work. This is essential for productivity and good time management.

A dedicated workspace minimises the risk of interruptions. Keep clear of requests for help with homework. Do not be tempted to answer the door to another delivery. Avoid the distraction of your partner’s business conversations or the dog barking when you are on a conference call.

Bespoke Garden Rooms offer Design Freedom

When we say garden office, shed is a far cry from our thoughts. Maybe you want a garden log cabin or an architectural innovation? 

As a room which is separate from the house, a garden building does not need to fit in with your domestic interior design. You can be free to reflect your personality. Check out the home office design inspiration in this online magazine. Would you opt for stark minimalism or a richly decorated space? Is your preference for upcycled furniture or would your space be kitted out with leading brands?

Enjoy a Short Commute to the Garden Office

Imagine the difference in your life if you spent a minute or two in the open air on your daily commute. It could be a time saving of several hours. No stressful delays, missed connections or hunting for a parking space. Think about how this time could be put to better use enjoying family time, pursuing a personal ambition or simply relaxing.

In addition to the time saving, there is the cost of travelling to work. The cost of building a home office could soon be covered by the savings made on petrol and parking or that seasonal train pass.

Does a Garden Office Add Value to your Property?

A quality garden building will have appeal to lots of buyers. As an additional room, it will add to the value of your home. Keep yours in good condition and others will see its potential.

There is always the Option to Convert a Garden Building.

Any garden building can have multiple uses. You may start using it as a home office, but it can be transformed. You, or future homeowners, may wish to transform it into garden studios, a craft workshop, a kid’s playroom or a music practice room.

Garden Office Design and Build Services

If working from home is the new normal, Handmade Hideaways could provide everything you need. As Master Craftsmen, we design and build a range of garden buildings. From treehouses to changing rooms for swimming pools, we can create wooden garden buildings in a range of sizes and shapes. 

Based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, we work on high quality timber projects across the South East. Contact Handmade Hideaways on 07786 070318 to find out further information and to request a site visit and quote.