Children and adults alike love this time of year. A chance to dress up, eat sweets and host your very own horror-themed party. Whether you are planning a party for children, adults or a mixture, you’re going to need space, creativity and decorations to really set your party off in style. So, where should you host it? Well, you could host it in your kitchen or living room, but if you have a bespoke garden building, this could be the perfect setting for your own haunted or horror theme.

In this months blog, Handmade Hideaways, look at how you can turn your garden building from a stylish studio into the creepiest haunted building on your street!

Creating your very own haunted house in your back garden

There is nothing quite like getting ready for your own Halloween party. Choosing and setting up the decorations, finding the perfect outfit and preparing a spooky feast is all part of the fun of Halloween. Hosting your fright night party in your bespoke garden building could be the ideal location, and there are so many reasons your guests will love it. Not only can you turn your garden studio into a creepy house of horrors, but the setting will be great as you are outside in the dark, surrounded by shadows and ominous sounds.

If you are planning on hosting a meal, why not prepare your table inside (if you don’t have room in the garden) and then introduce your guests to your haunted garden building after for some spooky games and frights they will never forget? By having two elements of creativity to your event, you can set up the perfect in-house decor and leave the haunted house of horrors for a dessert treat!

Themes and ideas to get your fright night underway

If you haven’t thought of a theme for your garden building fright night yet, no fear! We have come up with some great ideas for you to get into the swing of things:

Ghost stories – take it in turns to tell ghost stories in the dark, or simply ask your Alexa to play these for you over a speaker system so you can listen to them throughout the evening

Islands of Adventure – an adventure-packed evening with a bloody twist – why not recreate the sinking of pirate ships with sounds and decoration and ask your guests to come dressed in their scariest pirate ghost costumes.

Insane asylum – always a winner, an Insane Asylum is sure to scare the wits out of your guests. Set up your bespoke garden building to represent an abandoned asylum using toilet paper rolls, black paper, and old bedsheets.

Haunted house – the classic haunted house is popular for many reasons, and your ideas can come to life in a few simple ways. Play creepy sounds, set up projections of the grey lady and make sure you have plenty of cobwebs!

Of course, if your party includes children as guests, do ensure that your decorations and themes are child friendly, so you don’t give them nightmares for months after!

Spooky Halloween themed party games and food to wow your guests.

Your garden building is the perfect choice for a Halloween party location as it’s completely flexible and designed for you and your needs. Why not set up a fog machine outside so you can shroud your garden studio in smoke and fog and create an eery look? Playing hide and seek within the fog outside will surely add that much-needed scare factor to your evening!

There are so many games you can play on Halloween night, and many are great to play outside your garden building or in the comfort of your studio walls. Apple bobbing, pumpkin carving masters and musical bumps to scary music is excellent for the smaller people at your evening.

If you are not laying on a full meal for your guests, a snack bar in or by your haunted garden building will keep everyone fed while watching their favourite horror flick or playing those party games. Make sure it includes plenty of popcorn, chips, cookies, pretzels and other treats. If you want something savoury, make sure to include cheese sticks, nachos, hot dogs and pizza slices. Don’t forget drinks! A pitcher full of juice or beer should do the trick for thirsty guests.

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Get your own haunted house bespoke garden building with Handmade Hideaways

At Handmade Hideaways, our garden buildings studios are the perfect addition to your garden. Whether you are looking for extra space, an office, or a studio you can use in the summer months, having a garden building can make a difference to your home. We also think they are great for hosting your scary Halloween event as they make the perfect haunted house. The possibilities are endless as our team don’t work off a blueprint – we create everything from your specification. All you need to do is tell us your ideas, the size, and the location, and we’ll take care of the rest! If you’d like to learn more about how you can get your garden building that doubles as a scary haunted house building, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Handmade Hideaways today.