Garden studios – the perfect place to unwind, take a break and get some creative juices flowing. There are many reasons why we at Handmade Hideaways think that garden studios are the perfect place for any designer or artist who needs a space to let their passions and careers flow. This month, we take a look at why bespoke garden studios are the perfect choice for your garden and your passion.

A perfect retreat for all the creative geniuses

Your garden should be a tranquil and versatile place where you can sit with friends and family, read a book or listen to music. Its a place where BBQs take place, paddling pools get covered in grass, and where our washing gets its beautiful smell as its drying. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes but ultimately, they are the part of our home that changes everyday.

When we look out to our gardens, we see the changing weather, the plants and animals and can relive the memories of a great summer spent in the garden in the best way. For this reason, putting a garden studio into the greenest part of your home could be a huge benefit, not only for your health and wellbeing but for your artistic qualities and ideas!

Garden studios are ideal for tranquil and sound proof settings

The best thing about having a bespoke garden studio made for you is that it can fit to the size and shape of your garden perfectly. Handmade Hideaways have built many garden houses and studios and their ability to work solely with the client and their space means they can create the ideal space every time.

Having a garden studio that lets you retreat from the busy world whilst still giving you access to look out into your garden of memories is sure to work wonders for your latest project. Having a garden studio that is easily accessible and ultimately works for what you are trying to create is great for getting you out of your creative slump and providing ideas from your very own home that you may have overlooked before.

Whether you are looking for a light and quiet space to portray your canvasses, a cosy nook to write your latest novel or a sound-proof spacious area where you can create the latest tracks for your EP, Handmade Hideaways will work with you to create a space that works.

Key benefits of using a garden studio for your creative flare

There are so many benefits to having a bespoke garden studio created for you and your passion:

Built to your ideas and specification – you are the leader in this project and if you already have an idea in mind for how you would like to use your bespoke garden building, this could fed into your requirements and spec. Whether you need electrics, lights or nooks and crannies, your studio will be designed to perfection.

Easy to access – your garden studio is easily accessed from your own home, meaning you don’t have to travel (other than to the end of your garden!) – its a great additional space for your home.

Beautiful setting – the benefit of your garden studio is the natural view you will have of your own outdoor space and the ideas you can glean from this. Not only are you in a beautiful setting, but your modern garden studio is sure to be beautiful as well. For inspiration and garden room ideas why not take a look at the Handmade Hideaways gallery page?

Sound-proof – your garden studio can be completely sound proof, meaning that when you need to concentrate, you wont be distracted by noises from outside your tranquil space. When you need some background noise, just throw open those doors and let in the sound – its the perfect space.

Cost-effective – your garden studio will be built to last, meaning you won’t need to fork out for another building in a couple of years. Handmade Hideaways provide the perfect after care so your studio stays in beautiful condition.

Say goodbye to separate utility bills – If you are currently in a rented space, whether thats an art studio or hot desk office, where you have to cover the utility bills, then a contemporary garden studio could be the answer to an easier life and less paperwork! Running your studio electric from your home means that you no longer have those separate bills to try and keep on top of.

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Handmade Hideaways – the experts in creating your dream garden studio

Handmade Hideaways have been creating beautiful garden studios and buildings since the company was launched by Evan in 2017. Evans experience however is spanned over many years of working with wood and crafting incredible pieces for clients from all over the UK. Handmade Hideaways don’t believe in working from previous templates as their clients are as individual and unique as each project should be. For a stylish garden studio, built to your specification that could be the key to unlocking your creative potential, speak to Evan at Handmade Hideaways today.