Where can I Get a Unique Wooden Building Made?

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It is common for British homes to have a Unique Wooden Building in the garden. Usually, this takes the form of a shed. This garden building provides storage space for the lawnmower, spade and garden chairs. Change is on the horizon, as we rethink the potential of garden buildings.

Handmade Hideaways has created unconventional studios, home offices, treehouses, workshops, and social spaces. Our bespoke timber buildings are built to fit your requirements and the available space. They can take a variety of forms and provide individuals and families with a desirable hideaway to work, rest or play.

Far from the standard off-the-shelf shed, bespoke garden buildings can incorporate your character. We incorporate reclaimed wood, windows, ironmongery into designs, to create spaces with personality.

Timber Buildings for Inspiration

Our team are inspired by timber buildings from around the world. Let us share a few with you.

Murray Grove; A Structurally Impressive Timber Building

Did you know that London has a timber skyscraper? Murray Grove is the first apartment block to be made entirely from engineered solid wood. The natural properties of the timber mean that the 29 apartments are insulated and soundproof. Built in 2009 and rising 9 storeys high, this is a far cry from the usual image of a wooden building.

Transforming Timber off-cuts

Westonbirt National Arboretum grows and harvests trees. Sustainability is at the heart of their operations, but there are, inevitably, some off-cuts. This waste material can be used to create woodchip mulch, but a dedicated team had a greater vision. The Gloucestershire site now boasts a timber Saw Mill Shelter and Drying Store.

An Epic Treehouse

Harry Potter fans head to Alnwick Castle and Gardens as it was a filming location in the early movies. Another good reason to visit this Northumberland landmark is to see the impressive timber treehouse. At over 6,000 square feet, it includes a restaurant, café, learning centre and play facilities.

The Most Historic Wooden Building

The Horju-Ji Temples in Japan are believed to be the oldest surviving wooden structures. Dating back to the 7th and 9th Centuries, they became Japan’s first Unesco World Heritage Site. They were constructed when Buddhism was introduced in Japan and have influenced religious architectural design ever since. The 5-storey pagoda is a particularly delightful example of timber construction.

Staying in a Wooden Cabin

A wooden cabin may conjure up images of alpine ski lodges, but there are some wonderful timber places where you can stay in the UK. An overnight break may get you excited about the design and layout of your garden building. Take a look at these examples:

An overnight stay in any of these properties could set imaginations alight. Then, all you need to do is contact Handmade Hideaways for us to put your ideas into an architectural design!

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Garden Buildings Without Planning Permission

The experience of self-isolation or working from home may have made it apparent that you are a bit short of space. As you plan for the future, a garden office or children’s play area could be the answer.

Unlike a home extension, a small detached garden building does not usually need building regulations. In most cases, a summerhouse, eco pod, games room or workshop of up to 30 square meters can be built without going through the official planning process.

To be exempt from building regulations, the outbuilding must:

  • Be constructed of sustainable and non-combustible materials
  • Be positioned at least one meter from any boundary
  • Not contain sleeping accommodation

Handmade Hideaways has a detailed understanding of building regulations. If you have any questions about whether your vision needs official approval, we will advise. If it does, we can assist with the process.

With a design approved, Evan at Handmade Hideaways will take full responsibility for safe site management and efficient construction. As a master craftsman, his passion for wood and his attention to detail will result in your dream garden building.

For further information regarding the build of a Unique Wooden Building or to arrange an on-site meeting, please contact Evan on 07786 070318.

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