How does the summer heat damage our timber projects?

Summer is a time for barbecues, sunbathing and enjoying the weather. However, the summer heat can also be a threat to your timber projects. The summer sun is extremely strong, and if you have a timber project at home, it might be at risk. Here are some tips on how to protect your timber projects from the summer sun.

The summer heat can cause a lot of damage to your garden studio and timber projects. The summer is the most popular time for garden studios and timber homes to be built, but the hot summer sun can do a lot of damage to the timber. Heat can cause wood to contract, which can push gaps between your timber joints, resulting in warped doors and windows, and loose roof shingles. Heat can also cause the timber to split.

To prevent your garden studios and timber projects from getting damaged by the summer heat, you should consider the best place for your timber project to take shape. You should also think about having a roof that is partially shaded by trees, which will help reduce the temperature.

Protecting your timber projects from extreme summer sun

Protecting your garden studio or timber home from the summer sun is one of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your investment. At Handmade Hideaways, one of our most asked questions is ‘how do I protect my timber project?’ In short, it is all about how the timber project is positioned, the treatment, ventilation and water.

Where is the best place to position your timber project?

Consider the most appropriate place to house your new timber garden office or summer house. Do you need it to be near your home, or can you place it a little further down the garden? Take a look at your outside space. Do you have some trees where your summer house could sit perfectly underneath? Your craftsmen at Handmade Hideaways will discuss the best position for your timber project during our consultation period, so you can make the most of the summer without it affecting your project.

What materials should I use on my timber project?

We believe in using natural materials for your timber project at Handmade Hideaways. As planet lovers, we are environmentally conscious, and the materials we use are sustainably sourced or reclaimed. Natural wood offers a timeless appeal to your project.

Do I need to treat my timber project?

During your project, we provide a protective finish to your timber to make it an incredibly durable and beautiful material. Your wood will last for many years to come, but if you are worried about how to treat your project after we have left, our team will tell you everything you need to know to keep your garden home in the best condition.

How does other adverse weather affect timber?

As we all know in the UK, the summer heat is not often something we really need to worry about. 2022 saw the highest temperatures since records began, but what about the cold weather we can expect to experience during the winter months?

As timber is a natural product, you will likely see some effects from the weather – whatever it may be. Just as timber contracts in the hot summer sun, timber is likely to absorb that moisture during the wet months. This moisture, however, will evaporate when the weather warms up and we get dryer conditions.

If we are forecasted heavy flooding or strong winds, you may want to consider some extra protection for your timber project. Whilst general rain will not affect your timber project considerably, you should make sure that any windows and doors are closed and locked to prevent water from getting inside your summer house or garden office. Make sure that your roof and tiles are secure and that you have put away any furniture you may have outside. If your timber home is under trees, you may want to consider checking for any loose branches that could come down on your project during high winds or storms.

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Handmade Hideaways creates strong natural timber projects

From handcrafted garden studios to high-end timber homes, many of Handmade Hideaways‘ projects are made of natural timber. Natural timber is, of course, one of the most sought-after materials for building, thanks to its incredible durability, beautiful graining and natural colours.

For over 20 years, we have been working with wood in some form. Whether that’s converting barn houses, carpentry or project management, we have a complete love of natural timber. At Handmade Hideaways, we don’t work from a typical blueprint. Instead, we work with each of our clients to design and create a timber project that is entirely bespoke to them and their needs. If you are looking for the perfect timber construction in your garden that will stand all weathers, get in touch with Handmade Hideaways today.