Before social distancing was enforced, approximately 5% of the UK worked from home. Technology and a desire for flexible working made it possible for some to operate remotely, but many companies resisted implementing home working policies.

Overnight, the global pandemic forced us to change. Spare rooms were cleared, laptops and video conferencing were set up and the home office was formed. Initially, it came as a shock to many, but over recent weeks new habits have started to form. Many businesses and employees have found that they can function effectively with teams working remotely.

Working from Home

It is anticipated that the number of people permanently working from home could double this year. Many more will explore the option of home working for several days a week.  If it has been viable during the lockdown, companies may now embrace the cost savings of smaller offices and the opportunities that flexible working brings.

Home working is not for everyone, but you may have relished spending time on a morning workout instead of the commute. Does the thought of rising at the crack of dawn to hop on the Metropolitan line from Chesham, Amersham or High Wycombe Station now fill you with dread? Have you enjoyed being home in the evenings to spend time with the family?

If the possibility of home working for at least part of the week is now a viable option, is it time to plan your garden office?


What do you need in your ideal garden building?

In our previous blog, we explored the Benefits of Home Offices for Home Working. Now we consider the practicalities.

If a garden building is to operate as a year-round workspace, there are some essential considerations: Insulation, Utilities, Security and Layout. Let’s explore these in greater detail.

Insulating a Garden Office

Garden buildings that are designed as home offices need to be maintained at comfortable temperatures. Handmade Hideaways can advise on the positioning of the structure and the windows to make the most of natural light and warmth. We can also install robust insulation to help retain heat within the garden room.

Depending on the nature of your work, some thought about sound insulation may also be necessary. This could reduce noise from outside or dampen sounds of machinery that you use to keep the neighbours happy.

Mains Connection to a Garden Office

A core requirement for most home offices is a reliable supply of electricity. This typically involves connecting a cable to the mains supply in the main property. Increasingly, we are asked about renewable energy options, such as installing solar panels. With full responsibility for site management, Handmade Hideaways will arrange for a qualified electrician to undertake this phase of the construction.

Water is another amenity that many clients desire. Pipes from the main supply or rainwater harvesting are two options that we can explore as part of the design and planning process.

Securing a Garden Office

A home office is likely to house equipment, paperwork and other items of value, so security is a priority. The considered location of garden buildings, our professional build quality and the installation of lockable windows and doors, will help to protect your belongings.

The Layout of your Home Office

With bespoke garden buildings, you have complete freedom over the internal layout. Consider exactly what you need to create a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace. Do you like an open-plan interior or would separate zones help you to be more productive?

Does the view from your desk offer a stunning view over the River Chess, or would that distract you? Is the equipment you need close at hand? Does the interior need to be adaptable for multi-use? Should space-saving solutions be incorporated? Is it easy to step out into the open air for a break?

If you show us your wish list, Handmade Hideaways will work on interior fittings, and pay incredible attention to detail, to bring together your ideas.

Commute to the Garden Office

Handmade Hideaways can also lay a pathway from your home to the new office. If you are ready to replace that packed train or long traffic jam with a short stroll, contact Handmade Hideaways on 07786 070318 to arrange an initial site visit. Share your ideas with Master Craftsman Evan Hamilton-Pike and benefit from his creativity and expertise.

Each of our projects is unique and bespoke built, but we can provide some case studies of previous garden buildings. From treehouses and changing huts for swimming pools to self-sufficient spaces made from reclaimed wood, we love the challenge of constructing with timber.

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