If you have had your garden room project completed this year, you will want to continue using it as much as possible – even when the cold weather makes an appearance. Bespoke garden rooms are perfect for your home as you can use them year-round to provide extra space to come to and relax or entertain – particularly if your home is busy at Christmas time.

This month, our experienced team will give you advice and guidance to protect your bespoke garden room during the winter months so you can continue enjoying it and ensuring it is ready for winter!

Protecting your bespoke garden room when the temperatures drop

Although temperatures have been unusually mild so far, this winter has already seen unprecedented rainfall affecting many areas of the country – and fingers are crossed – there is still a lot of time for the snow to appear on the ground!

The beauty of a bespoke garden room is that you can use the extra space for whatever you need – gym, garden office, home bar or just a relaxing retreat when you need five minutes of peace. At Handmade Hideaways, we want you to be able to use your garden room all year round, even during the winter months, and that’s why we have given you our advice on how to prepare your garden room for the winter months.

Whilst you are preparing your bespoke garden room this Christmas, don’t forget to consider the belongings you have in the room as these will need protection as well. If you have anything that you don’t think will cope with the cold weather, be sure to protect it or bring them inside.

Cleaning and treating your bespoke garden room

Protecting your garden room in preparation for winter doesn’t have to be an arduous task. As long as you follow our carefully curated steps, your bespoke garden room will laugh in the face of the snow, rain and ice, and you will be able to continue enjoying it all year round!

  • Clear out your guttering and drainage and remove debris from your roof and keep an eye on them during colder months
  • If you have underfloor heating, consider leaving this low throughout the winter to keep your room at a reasonable temperature.
  • Speak to your handmade craftsmen about whether you will need to retreat your wood before winter – ensure this is done in dry weather so the treatment can dry evenly.
  • Ventilate your bespoke garden room by leaving a window slightly open – this will prevent moisture and condensation from building up inside.
  • Check your window seals for any cracks or damage that may have happened previously – ensure you fix these to protect the frames.
  • Clean windows with soapy water to prevent further grime buildup during the winter.
  • Consider gritting your pathways to avoid a nasty trip in your outdoor space as you try to get to your hideaway.

The benefits of protecting your bespoke garden room

A bespoke garden room doesn’t have to be a seasonal addition you can only enjoy in the summer months. Many garden room owners enjoy using their little paradise throughout the year as a place to relax, entertain their guests or continue working in the comfort of their own home. For this reason, protecting your garden room is paramount to enjoying it throughout the year.

  • During the cold winter months, your bespoke garden room comes into its own, allowing you to entertain and relax in comfort and warmth while enjoying the garden and wintry outside views.
  • Prolong the life of your bespoke garden room when you protect it from the inevitable bad weather that winter brings.
  • Increase your well-being by having a space you can continue to use no matter the weather
  • Get amazing views of your beautiful garden during the winter weather when you protect your garden room.

Ultimately, you have chosen to have a beautiful bespoke garden room built to your ideas and specification. Naturally, you would want to look after it and protect it from the winter weather that may come our way this year.

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